The End of the RIBA

The End of the RIBA


Face it. The Royal Institute of British Architects is a stagnant, antiquated, and irrelevant institution which demonstrably fails to enrich the lives or practice of architects anywhere. Its fees are rising as its membership and influence falls. Turnout for RIBA elections is now pitifully low as the younger generation rightly ask what the point is of this fusty dinosaur. It has no political power, no professional purpose and no vision of the future. Its own members treat it as a punching bag, regularly bitching and sniping about its failings. With a staff team of over 250, it is a bloated bureaucracy, too vast to reform – instead the time has come to put the RIBA out of its misery. Rip it up and start again.

The Panel

    • Amanda Baillieu (chair) is an award-winning editor and founder of events and networking agency, Archiboo. She previously edited Building Design for seven years and has written for a wide range of magazines and newspapers.

    • Jane Duncan is founder of Jane Duncan Architects and Interiors. She was president of the Royal Institute of British Architects from September 2015 to August 2017.

    • Joseph Henry is an architectural designer currently working at Jestico + Whiles. He is an educational lecturer at the V&A and has run workshops at the RIBA. Joseph also works with Open City and has been a mentor for their Accelerate Into Architecture programme.

    • Nigel Ostime is chair of the RIBA Client Liason Group and a member of the RIBA Practice & Profession Committee. He is Project Delivery Director at Hawkins\Brown and is author of the Small Projects Handbook, the RIBA Job Book and the Handbook of Practice Management.

    • Chris Bryant is a partner at Alma-nac and chair of the RIBA Small Practice Group. He is an Associate Lecturer at the Birmingham School of Architecture and chair of the RIBA Geurilla Tactics Committee.


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